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Our latest testimonial

Our latest testimonial comes from Charles in VA: "I just wanted to let you guys know that you are doing an amazing job! I have tried a wide variety of coconut waters (Zico, VitaCoco, etc) and I keep coming back to O.N.E. I guess the name fits, you are the only O.N.E. I will drink. I am a college student and very active guy. Whether I'm hitting the books or hitting the gym, I find myself stopping by the store to pickup a couple things of your great 100% Coconut Water and going about my day. Keep up the great work!"

Thank you, Charles....we plan to!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

O.N.E., One Natural Experience, Makes Waves in the Coconut Water Movement

O.N.E., One Natural Experience, Makes Waves in the Coconut Water Movement
11.01.10, 02:58 AM EDT

A leading producer of premium coconut water, O.N.E. Drinks announces yet another wave of innovations and additions to its unique product line and its powerful team.

Coincidentally timed with the birth of O.N.E. Founder and CEO Rodrigo Veloso's first child, O.N.E. is pleased to introduce O.N.E. Kids -- a blend of coconut water and fruit juice -- which provides parents with a delicious, low sugar beverage, with the added benefit of healthy hydration from coconut water. O.N.E. Kids is O.N.E. step in the right direction for parents who want to take easy actions to enhancing their children's diets. "From our inception, providing healthy options for people of all ages has been one of our driving motivations," commented Rodrigo at the announcement. "With O.N.E. Coconut Water and O.N.E. Active we reach many people. Now, we are excited to provide this new offering especially for children, who can benefit tremendously from a lower sugar alternative and from the hydrating effects of coconut water." O.N.E. Kids will be available in Natural Product stores and Supermarkets nationwide, beginning to roll out in October.

O.N.E. is also very pleased to announce that it has entered into a license agreement with Jamba Juice Company to launch a line of ready-to-drink coconut water fruit juice blends. "We are delighted to partner with O.N.E. to develop such a unique line of great-tasting, high-quality, better-for-you beverages that delivers on health and wellness trends," said James D. White, chairman, president, and CEO of Jamba Juice Company. "Coconut water, and the healthy and natural isotonic benefits it embodies, is a perfect fit for an active lifestyle brand such as Jamba. O.N.E. is a pioneer in the category and shares our values and passion for actively engaging consumers to eat well and live healthy lives."

Adding to the energy and excitement, O.N.E is happy to announce that entertainment industry icon Tommy Mottola, former Chairman of Sony Music, has joined the O.N.E. Board of Directors. "Tommy understands what it takes to realize the full potential of an opportunity, and how to engage thought leaders and opinion makers in the process," observes Rodrigo. "He brings incredible enthusiasm, creativity, and experience to our board, and is deeply committed to playing an active role in the development of our business."

Mr. Mottola transformed Sony into one of the world's most successful music companies, extending its businesses to over 60 countries. Additionally, he revitalized Sony Music's publishing division by making unprecedented acquisitions like the Beatles Catalogue and spearheading Sony's endeavor as the first major music company to make available commercial digital downloads. During his 15 year tenure as Chairman of Sony Music, Mottola built up their revenues from $800 million to almost $7 billion annually.

Acknowledging the company's remarkable growth, Mottola said, "O.N.E. has an opportunity to become a household name and the leading brand in this category as it develops and markets beverages that serve customers' growing desire for healthier beverages without compromising taste."

"We are pleased to see O.N.E. develop such a broad and innovative line of products -- from 100% Pure Coconut Water to O.N.E. Kids to fun and flavorful O.N.E. Splash, to O.N.E. Active Sports Drink to JAMBA Coconut Water Fruit Juice Blends -- that we can bring to the market via our system," commented Massimo D'Amore, CEO, PepsiCo Beverages Americas. "We are very excited about our relationship with O.N.E. and we expect distribution and sales of the entire O.N.E. line to increase dramatically in 2011."

Adding to the enthusiastic response to the O.N.E. announcements, Michael Farello of Catterton Partners, O.N.E.'s private equity partner, added, "Under Rodrigo's leadership, O.N.E. has successfully expanded the company's product line to reach a broader market of consumers while maintaining the integrity of the brand and the quality of the product."

Visit the new O.N.E. web site designed by the Phelps Group at

For more information or to schedule an interview with O.N.E. Founder Rodrigo Veloso, contact Julie van Amerongen, Cause Alliance Marketing:;

Jamba Juice and One Natural Experience Announce Licensing Agreement

Jamba and O.N.E. to Launch an Innovative Line of Ready-to-Drink Coconut Water Fruit Juice Blends

EMERYVILLE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jamba Juice Company (NASDAQ: JMBA), a highly recognized, healthy active lifestyle brand, and O.N.E.™, a premier all-natural beverage company, today announced an exclusive licensing agreement to develop and launch a line of Jamba-branded, ready-to-drink coconut water fruit juice blends.

“We are delighted to work with Jamba on the development of such a distinctive line of delicious, high-quality beverages that deliver on key health and wellness trends.”
."We are thrilled to announce our expansion into the coconut water category.” said James D. White, chairman, president, and CEO, Jamba Juice Company. “We are also extremely pleased to partner with O.N.E., a company that shares our commitment to helping people lead healthier, more active lifestyles. The wholesome benefits of coconut water are a perfect complement to our existing portfolio of better-for-you products and provide us with an opportunity to offer consumers a great-tasting, trend-forward, refreshing beverage option.”

The new line of Jamba-branded products will be brought to market via the O.N.E. distribution system, which includes distribution through Pepsi Beverage Company, and is expected to be available in select grocery, convenience, and other retail outlets in early 2011. Jamba-branded coconut water fruit juice blends will leverage the natural isotonic benefits of coconut water and the great-tasting flavors of various fruits to provide a highly unique and satisfying beverage option for health-minded, active individuals.

“Coconut water is one of the fastest growing categories in the beverage industry and one of the hottest trends among consumers seeking a more naturally hydrating beverage alternative,” said Rodrigo Veloso, founder and CEO, One World Enterprises, LLC. “We are delighted to work with Jamba on the development of such a distinctive line of delicious, high-quality beverages that deliver on key health and wellness trends.”

In addition to Jamba Juice retail stores, Jamba Juice Company offers a broad range of Jamba-branded consumer products through various strategic licensing alliances. The Jamba licensing platform extends the brand’s healthy, active lifestyle positioning to reach a greater number of consumers in new retail channels. The Company’s growing portfolio of better-for-you beverage, food, snack, and lifestyle products are available in select grocery, mass merchant, club, convenience, and other retail outlets.

About Jamba, Inc.

Jamba, Inc. (NASDAQ:JMBA) is a holding company and through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Jamba Juice Company, owns and franchises JAMBA JUICE® stores. Founded in 1990, Jamba Juice is a leading restaurant retailer of better-for-you food and beverage offerings, including great tasting fruit smoothies, juices, and teas, hot oatmeal made with organic steel cut oats, wraps, salads, sandwiches, and California Flatbreads™, and a variety of baked goods and snacks. As of July 13, 2010, Jamba Juice had 743 locations consisting of 432 company-owned and operated stores and 311 franchise stores. For the nearest location or a complete menu, visit the Jamba Juice website at or call 1-866-4R-FRUIT (473-7848).

About O.N.E., One Natural Experience

O.N.E.™ is the premier, all-natural beverage company established in 2005 by Rodrigo Veloso – a visionary instrumental in creating a whole new category of functional beverage in the U.S. O.N.E.™ ready-to-drink products are alternatives to artificial sports/ energy drinks, sodas and enhanced waters, fortifying adults and children alike with unparalleled effectiveness. Their award winning and #1 selling coconut water is fast-becoming recognized as America’s healthiest beverage for providing enhanced hydration, essential nutrition and all five essential electrolytes (calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and sodium). O.N.E.™ drinks are packaged in environmentally friendly Tetra Pak cartons underscoring the company’s deep commitment to the Earth. O.N.E.™ is a founding member of Conscious Capitalism ( and dedicated to using its business platform of conscious capitalism to educate consumers about the importance of proper hydration in all stages and phases of life--especially for mothers and children. As such, it supports several nonprofit organizations – most importantly Healthy Child Healthy World ( It is also collaborating with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, an initiative that supports schools nationwide in developing healthier environments with the goal of reversing the trend of childhood obesity. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation is a partnership between the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation. O.N.E.™ is available in over 14,000 retail outlets including Whole Foods, Publix, Kroger Stores, Cost Plus World Markets, GNC and on

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release (including information incorporated or deemed incorporated by reference herein) contains “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements are those involving future events and future results that are based on current expectations, estimates, forecasts, and projections as well as the current beliefs and assumptions of our management. Words such as “outlook”, “believes”, “expects”, “appears”, “may”, “will”, “should”, “anticipates”, or the negative thereof or comparable terminology, are intended to identify such forward looking statements. Any statement that is not a historical fact, including estimates, projections, future trends and the outcome of events that have not yet occurred, is a forward-looking statement. Forward-looking statements are only predictions and are subject to risks, uncertainties and assumptions that are difficult to predict. Therefore actual results may differ materially and adversely from those expressed in any forward-looking statements. Factors that might cause or contribute to such differences include, but are not limited to, those discussed under the section entitled “Risk Factors” in our reports filed with the SEC. Many of such factors relate to events and circumstances that are beyond our control. You should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. The Company does not assume any obligation to update the information contained in this press release.

Friday, August 27, 2010

We love receiving testimonials like this!

Dear O.N.E.,

My name is Tom Crooks and I am captain of a paintball team that is growing
quickly. We are the Oompa Loompa Chuckers based out of Southeastern, CT, USA.
For the past year and a half, we have been buying O.N.E. and clearing the shelves of
it and spending roughly $35-$75 on your product because it works!

As being a highly experienced local team traveling throughout New England, we
have been dominating local tournaments and would like to thank you for your
unbelievable product. We have played in the worst of conditions and we have
still performed at the peak of competition thanks to the hydration, nutrition,
and the several other benefits of your product. We have realized that coconut
water has helped us not only in hydration but as well as focus on and off the
field. We used to drink energy drinks such as Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster, etc.
These drinks made us lose focus, would in fact dehydrate us and feel as if
we have ingested cement by the end of the day. Our age varies from 17-26 and
half of us, including myself, are full time students.

Sincerely, Tom Crooks- Oompa Loompa Chuckers

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dave Matthews and O.N.E. Water!

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Secrets of Celebrity Fitness (excerpt reposted)

(excerpt from)
Secrets of Celebrity Fitness – Five simple steps to look like Katy Perry
By: Dr. Bradley Frederick

Replace sweet drinks and diet drinks with water… lots of water. Your body is two-thirds water and you should try to replenish it daily to keep yourself alkaline. I tell all my patients to drink at least 2/3 ounces of water per body pound. This helps keep your metabolism up, is the best detox anyone can do, and also helps to reduce body pains. Stress, food additives and preservatives are toxic to your body and lead to acidity. Acidity is very detrimental to all your body functions, including your immune system. If you don’t like water alone, try adding some lemon or drinking coconut water. Coconut water is loaded with electrolytes and minerals, has about 16 total calories, and is fat-free. In fact, one cup of coconut water contains more electrolytes than most sports drinks and more potassium than a banana. There are many benefits to drinking water, but I do have one warning: do not drink more than 3/4 oz of water per body pound because it can dilute your electrolytes.

Friday, August 20, 2010

No More Perma-Sore!

No More Perma-Sore!

I've been a figure skater for 24 of my almost 42 years -- I started when I was 9, quit when I was 16 and started again at 25. I currently compete against other adults and am the reigning U.S. adult national bronze medalist in the Championship Intermediate-Novice Ladies division. For most of the adult portion of my skating career, I've suffered from what a call "perma-sore" -- I just don't recover from muscle fatigue and soreness the way I did in my teens, and it was a rare occasion when no body part was in pain.

Up until a few months ago, my drink of choice while on the ice had been plain ol' water. It did the job it was intended to do, which was basically to quench my thirst. Then one day, a friend mentioned on Twitter something about coconut water and exercise. Curious, I asked her what coconut water was, and from that point on I was Googling articles about coconut water and researching all the brands. Each touted more potassium than a banana and more electrolytes/less sugar (none) than a sports drink, and so began my mission to find this magic elixir.

I tried 'em all, and my absolute favorite is O.N.E. (One Natural Experience) with a Splash of Pink Guava. But it's not just because of the awesome taste, it's because I don't suffer from "perma-sore" anymore. In fact, I don't suffer from any "sore" anymore! I don't know if it's the potassium or the electrolytes -- it could be little elves, for all I care -- but ever since I incorporated O.N.E. coconut water into my skating regimen, I am pain-free.

I guess this is the part when I'm supposed to say "individual results may vary." But, hey, it works for me, and if it doesn't work for you, the worst that will happen is you drank something yummy and good for you. I just wish I'd found it sooner -- might have saved me several trips to the chiropractor!

Julie Gidlow
Beverly Hills, CA

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our First Guest Blog!

Hello friends!
We have been asking bloggers to be guest bloggers here on our website. We have always liked the blog: so we invited the blogger to share her thoughts with us, and all of you. We hope you enjoy!

#6O.N.E. Coconut Water
**Sponsored post**

Most people are appalled with my habit of adopting the "elf diet:" Hostess cupcakes for breakfast, peanut M&Ms for lunch and Pop-tarts for dinner. When I had my over-priced membership to an "athletic club," I devoted more time thinking of reasons NOT to go to the gym than I actually spent AT the gym.

Granted, every single girl has different prerogatives. Mine happen to include expensive Italian shoes, and not necessarily my physical well-being. My poor health sometimes doesn't even make it on my list of priorities let alone, and well, left alone at the bottom of one.

Certainly, single girls like to count calories, but with a penchant for fake cooking, take-out meals, eating over the sink or having chips and guacamole for dinner, we tend to overlook the fact that our only serving of fruit for the week was a measly piece of lychee in our martini.

After suffering through the hangover of the century two months ago, I decided to be more concerned about my entire body and not just my liver, which explains my latest obsession with O.N.E. Coconut Water.

According to our friends at O.N.E., coconut water is an "all-natural hangover elixir." Not only is drinking 11-ounces of coconut water comparable to drinking an entire LITER of water for hydration purposes, coconut water controls vomiting and replaces lost electrolytes from vomiting. (This is super helpful when even the thought of tequila makes you queasy.)

Reasons why single girls like O.N.E. Coconut Water:

- O.N.E. Coconut Water is a low calorie, NON-FAT beverage. (You know how single girls feel about calorie counting. And fat.)

- O.N.E. Coconut Water relieves urinary problems, kills intestinal worms and breaks up kidney stones. (Who needs a Master Cleanse when you have coconut water?)

- O.N.E. Coconut Water is a natural alternative to Viagra. (Um, score! Pun intended.)

- O.N.E. Coconut Water may help encourage smoother and clearer skin. (Age spots, acne and wrinkles, good bye!)

- O.N.E. Coconut Water has more potassium than a banana. (Perfect because I never really cared for bananas, and potassium is great for your heart.)

- O.N.E. Coconut Water contains A LOT of vitamins. (Natural energy booster, anyone?)

- O.N.E. Coconut Water is an all-natural isotonic beverage and contains a bunch of electrolytes. (Translation: it increases metabolism. Actual translation: it helps with [relationship] weight loss.)

- O.N.E. Coconut Water comes in a cute, eco-friendly container that fits nicely in the cup holder in my car. (Great for those mornings when you're hungover and dragging ass.)

With so many benefits of drinking O.N.E. Coconut Water, who knew it would be this easy to adopt a healthier lifestyle - and in a cardboard box to boot? This single girl is officially a convert, but she's not giving up her cupcakes or Pop-tarts anytime soon.

**these statements come from the blogger, and are not from the FDA

Monday, August 9, 2010

Excerpt on Coconut Water, from Austin News, Channel 8

With more than $4 billion in annual sales, sports drinks have become a staple of American lives. Now, a new player on the market may be stealing all of the thunder, celebrities and cash.

The new, en Vogue sports drink is coconut water.

A United Nations study found it has the same five electrolytes found in human blood. Gatorade only has two.

Tanya Roller is a health counselor at Daylight Wellness in Orlando, Florida.

"Commercial energy drinks usually have dyes in them, which can be neurotoxins and they're extremely loaded with refined sugar," she said.

The federal government said Gatorade has less than 5 grams of sugar for every 100 grams.

Coconut water has less than 3 grams for every 100 grams.

If you're the partying type, experts say coconut water is an excellent cure for hangovers, for all of the reasons mentioned.

All told, sales of coconut water in the U.S. cleared $50 million last year alone.

Friday, August 6, 2010

In L.A? Come see O.N.E. Drinks at the Chinatown Summer Nights Party 8.14.10 & 8.28.10

Chinatown Summer Nights

What: This isn’t your nana’s block party. Watch traditional Chinese cooking demos, view large-scale outdoor video projections, get schooled in calligraphy, munch on dogs from Let’s Be Frank, and groove to KCRW DJs.

Why: This week’s theme is prosperity. Since gifts of dance are innumerable, join Ballroom Madness for tutorials in the waltz, fox-trot, and tango.

When: Thru Aug. 28. Every Sat., 5 p.m.-midnight.

Where: Chinatown Central Plaza, 933 N. Broadway, at Bamboo Way, Chinatown (213-365-0605). Admission is free

Monday, August 2, 2010

From the Blog of Whole Foods, Thousand Oaks

Nuts for Coconuts!
by ashley.eaton, July 20, 2010 |

Loaded with protein, calcium, phosphate, magnesium, potassium and vitamin C. We are going nuts for coconuts all over the store! Coconut milk, coconut milk yogurt, coconut milk ice cream coconut creamers and of course fresh, young coconuts and the prized electrolyte-balancing coconut water they provide.

For an all-natural, thirst-quenching experience, there’s no one thing you can say about O.N.E. Coconut Water. It just has too much going for it! O.N.E. – which stands for One Natural Experience – is prized among many of its consumers for its energizing and electrolyte replenishing benefits. Coconut water is rich in calcium, phosphate, magnesium, sodium and it even has more potassium than its tropical brother the banana. In fact, coconut water was used in World War II and the War in Vietnam as an intravenous solution for wounded soldiers on the battlefield. Talk about staying in the game, huh? It’s no wonder why all-natural athletes chose to drink O.N.E. Coconut Water over competing sports drinks.

Not to be mistaken with coconut milk, coconut nectar, and definitely not a coconut cream pie, coconut water is the liquid inside young green coconuts. It possesses a mildly sweet taste. O.N.E. 100% Coconut Water contains only 60 calories a serving and absolutely no chemicals, preservatives, GMO’s, added sugars or fat.

O.N.E. Active is available as well in its single serving boxes featuring the flavors of lemon-lime, grape berry, and cranberry grapefruit for 40 calories a drink. To learn more about O.N.E. Coconut Water, visit its website – which provides nutritional information, fun historical facts, and even recipes – at

Here’s a little-known factoid: Did you know you can buy coconut water at McDonald’s in Brazil? That’s right. Catering towards South American demand, the fast-food chain known as a pioneer of supersized soda cups is now serving one of the purest beverages born of the earth. How refreshing is that?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our latest testimonial comes from Jennifer, in PA

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love your Coconut Water! The Pink Guava and the Passion Fruit flavors are so tasty! I have tried other brands and yours is the best by far! If you ever offer coupons or any other promotional items, I would love to be on a mailing list! I love O.N.E Coconut Water and I want everyone around me to love it too!"

Thanks, Jennifer! Expect coupons in the mail!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Read Our Latest Testimonial!

My boyfriend Diego Sanchez (Spain) is a jockey here in the US. We were recently turned on to O.N.E. by our trainers at LifeTime Fitness. Being a jockey, he has to maintain a low weight while trying to work out and keep hydrated. We have been hooked since and we love the cool refreshing taste that quenches the thirst without all of other additives that regular sports drinks contain. He gets much better results and even grabs one from me in-between the races, especially with this hot weather that we have been having. I’m training for the Chicago marathon and before my training runs, I put one in the freezer, then pour the slushy O.N.E. in a bowl with fresh raspberries and some mint!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

O.N.E. is now carried at Vitamin Shoppe!

I had to tell you that I took my daughter to the Vitamin Shoppe last night and while we were there she wanted something to drink. The only thing I could find that she could have besides water was coconut water (ONE to be exact). She literally chugged the entire thing and asked me to buy her some more to take to school. There were only 2 left and so I bought them and then on the way home she proceeded to ask if she could have another one at home.
Apparently they have a good thing there if a 6 year old is that interested in it! I am probably going to go back and get a case since it is SO much healthier than juice.


Bill, from Georgetown, TX provides our latest testimonial!

"I wanted to report my very positive experience with your O.N.E. product. I had read about your product in a May issue of Time magazine. My girlfriend has fibro-myalgia and I thought it might help her so I bought six of your 8.5 ounce containers and gave her four of them. Last Friday morning I developed an ocular migraine and after 10 minutes or so decided to try one. After two gulps my migraine totally disappeared. Needless to say I was amazed and have been relating my experience with all my family and friends. Thanks so much!!"

And thank YOU, Bill, for taking the time to let us know about this great experience!

Monday, June 21, 2010

We love receiving testimonials!

Kathy, from Springfield, MO writes, "Thank You! for getting this product to market, I love coconuts anyway. I need to repair my thyroid and I have felt great since drinking your product. I am a patron for life."

Thank you, Kathy! We are more than happy to be there for you!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Cool Facts on Coconut Water

'It's a natural isotonic beverage, with the same level of electrolytic balance as we have in our blood. It's the fluid of life, so to speak.'

During the Pacific War of 1941-45, both sides in the conflict regularly used coconut water - siphoned directly from the nut - to give emergency plasma transfusions to wounded soldiers..

Most coconut water is still consumed fresh in tropical coastal areas - once exposed to air, the liquid rapidly loses most of its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics, and begins to ferment.

Coconut Water is More Nutritious than whole milk - Less fat and NO cholesterol!

Coconut Water is Better than processed baby milk- It contains lauric acid, which is present in human mother's milk

Coconut water is naturally sterile -- Water permeates though the filtering husk!

Coconut water is a universal donor-- Its identical to human blood plasma

Coconut Water is a Natural Isotonic Beverage - The same level we have in our blood.

Coconut water has saved lives in 3rd world countries thru Coconut IV.

Coconut water is the very stuff of Nature, biologically Pure, full of Natural Sugars, Salts, and Vitamins to ward off fatigue... and is the next wave of energy drinks BUT natural!', according to Mortin Satin, Chief of the United Nation's Food & Agriculture Organization.

Coconut water contains more potassium (at about 294 mg) than most sports drinks (117 mg) and most energy drinks..

Coconut water has less sodium (25mg) where sports drinks have around 41mg and energy drinks have about 200mg!

Coconut water has 5mg of Natural Sugars where sports and energy drinks range from 10-25mg of Altered Sugars.

Coconut water is very high in Chloride at 118mg; compared to sports drinks at about 39mg.

Data is based on a 100ml drink

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

10 Reasons to Drink O.N.E. Coconut Water Daily

O.N.E. Solution…
10 Reasons to Drink O.N.E. Coconut Water Daily
America’s New Favorite Drink Provides a Health Boost at Every Age and Stage

March 2010, Los Angeles, California -- O.N.E Coconut Water is the #1 selling beverage in its category for 2009 and touted as one of the Top 100 Products to Watch in 2010 by the global marketing company JWT. Here’s how it benefits adults and children alike and why it should be a staple in every American household:

1. Perfect Hydration: Water from the young green coconut is nature’s perfect isotonic beverage and optimum hydrator. At every age and stage of our lives, there are times when stress on our system causes us to become dehydrated. Illness, exercise, environment, pregnancy, aging, over-drinking – all cause us to lose the essential electrolytes found in our blood naturally. We need to replace them regularly to prevent headaches, muscle cramping, fatigue, and to help our heart, nerves and muscles to function optimally. O.N.E. Coconut Water contains all five electrolytes found in the blood including calcium, sodium, phosphorous, magnesium and potassium.

2. It’s 100 % PURE: O.N.E. Coconut Water has ONE ingredient! There are NO additives at all: no corn syrup, added sugar or artificial sweeteners; no metal contaminants; no dyes; no caffeine; no preservatives; no colorings and no concentrates. It is fat and cholesterol free and contains no wheat, gluten or other food allergens. Packaged straight from the coconut into airtight aseptic Tetra Pak cartons, it stays fresh and protected from the destabilizing effects of light and oxygen for 10 months.

3. Optimum Body Functioning: Unlike tropical juices and many brands of bottled water, coconut water is alkaline --it soothes and balances our systems. By improving the absorption of all nutrients--vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it allows the body to digest with greater efficiency. As a result, it reduces the occurrence of constipation, relieves stress on the pancreas and enzyme systems, regulates sodium and supports kidney function. Animal studies show that coconut water consumption reduces plaque formation in the arteries which in turn reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. There is also evidence to suggest that it promotes healthy blood pressure levels and cardiovascular function.

4. Super Support During Pregnancy and Lactation: Pregnancy isn’t easy on a woman’s body-- morning sickness, heartburn, weight gain, constipation, stretch marks and fluid retention are all related to poor hydration, which is why The Institute of Medicine recommends ten cups of fluid per day. Coconut water is an ideal source of hydration, improving circulation, digestion, and Ph balance. Since fluids improve skin elasticity, the chances of stretch marks are diminished. Additionally, fluids aid in the absorption of water-soluble vitamins like ascorbic acid and the B vitamins which are crucial to fetal development. Doctors recommend 13 cups of fluid daily for lactating women, making coconut water a natural all-purpose option.

5. An Essential Aid When Kids Are Sick: When infants and children vomit or have diarrhea from intestinal flu or other stomach ailments, they too lose precious essential electrolytes which must be replaced rapidly to prevent dehydration. Many pediatric drinks contain dyes and are high in sugar which poses other health issues. O.N.E. Coconut Water has a refreshing natural taste without added sugars, a plus since pediatricians (and legislators) now recommend parents reduce the amount of sweetened drinks their children consume to help them develop a taste for non-sweetened beverages.

6. Revitalizes the Elderly: Dehydration in the aged is a growing concern for doctors. An overall lack of proper diet is a typical syndrome with the elderly and this includes a lack of adequate fluid intake which impacts circulation and blood pressure. Many older people are also taking drugs that increase urine output which in turn increases dehydration. The loss of minerals and carbohydrates exacerbates a host of other issues, including glaucoma, so a daily dose of coconut water benefits the aging in myriad ways.

7. The Definitive Sports Drink: O.N.E. Coconut Water is excellent for naturally replacing electrolytes and glucose lost during exercise, especially potassium which regulates sodium in the body. Potassium positively affects circulation, body temperature, heart function and blood pressure-- issues related to extreme levels of exercise. O.N.E. Coconut Water contains 15 times the potassium of most sports drinks and two times more than a banana! And, because it promotes rapid absorption by speeding fluids to the muscles, it keeps athletes, and anyone who exercises, fully refreshed for practice and performance.

8. An Indispensable Travel Companion: Coconut water rehydrates during travel all year long. Light weight Tetra Pak cartons slip into a handbag or backpack effortlessly, making them easy to take anywhere. For those with existing circulatory problems and swollen limbs, potassium is especially crucial during air travel. In fact, The American Medical Association found that beverages containing electrolytes and carbohydrates are more effective than water for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), making O.N.E. Coconut Water a great beverage to drink just before boarding a plane (you can find O.N.E. Coconut Water at airports across the country, including JFK and LAX).

9. A Natural Beauty Boost: Coconut water keeps skin soft, supple and smooth by hydrating naturally at the cellular level. It is known to relieve dry itchy skin and can even be used on a cotton ball as a toner to soothe and refresh. The use of a chemical and additive-free beauty aid is also a huge benefit to the body.

10. A Hangover Helper: Alcohol is a diuretic which depletes minerals needed for the body to function normally. It also causes acids to accumulate in the stomach and intestines which inflames the stomach lining resulting in heartburn. The alkaline Ph of coconut water soothes the digestive tract and helps the liver and kidney filter out toxins. O.N.E. Coconut Water quickly replenishes electrolytes and increases hydration, a life-saver when suffering from the ill-effects of consuming too much alcohol.

And finally, because we couldn’t stop at 10....

11. O.N.E. Coconut Water is socially responsible. O.N.E., One Natural Experience, is committed to the environment through its packaging and via a business model which promotes global sustainability. O.N.E. also supports community outreach, and as such has partnered with Healthy Child, Healthy World, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting children and families from harmful environmental exposure through cleaner and greener lifestyles.

About O.N.E.

One Natural Experience (O.N.E™) is the premier, all-natural beverage company established in 2005 by Rodrigo Veloso—a visionary instrumental in creating a whole new category of functional beverage in the U.S.

O.N.E.™ ready-to-drink products are alternatives to artificial sports/energy drinks, sodas and enhanced waters, fortifying adults and children alike with unparalleled effectiveness. Their award winning and #1 selling coconut water is fast-becoming recognized as America’s healthiest beverage for providing enhanced hydration, essential nutrition and all five essential electrolytes (calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and sodium). O.N.E.™ drinks are packaged in environmentally friendly TetraPak cartons underscoring the company’s deep commitment to the Earth. O.N.E.™ supports several nonprofit organizations—most importantly Healthy Child Healthy World (

O.N.E. ™ is available in over 14,000 retail outlets including Whole Foods, Publix, Kroger Stores, Cost Plus World Markets and on O.N.E. Coconut Water is available in two sizes: 11.2 oz (SRP $1.99) and 1 Liter (SRP $4.59).

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Ozomatli vs KCRW Soundclash

Ozomatli vs KCRW Soundclash
Remix Project
Five KCRW DJ’s remix songs from the Grammy-winning Latin ensemble’s latest release on Mercer Street / Downtown Records

Los Angeles-based public radio station KCRW (89.9FM and is proud to announce their latest exclusive CD release -- the Ozomatli vs KCRW Soundclash Remix Project. Grammy-winning Latin ensemble Ozomatli is one of LA’s proudest musical exports, serving as Cultural Ambassadors – both literally and figuratively – for the city’s melting pot of musical influences.

KCRW Music Director and host of Morning Becomes Eclectic Jason Bentley, Anthony Valadez, Aaron Byrd, Anne Litt and Tom Schnabel all remix songs from the collective’s soon-to-be-released fifth studio album “Fire Away” as part of this unique creative collaboration between KCRW and Mercer Street / Downtown Records. (see below for tracklisting)

“The Soundclash series was envisioned as a chance for KCRW DJs to get more involved in the creative process of an artist we feel strongly about and the results of the Ozo Soundclash are truly inspired,” said Bentley.

“Take Anne Litt's re-imagining of the vocals for "Love Comes Down," with a capella group Sonos, or the subtle beauty of the sitar performance on Anthony Valadez' version of the same song. Tom Schnabel turns in a dreamy and soulful take on the song "45" and Aaron Byrd transforms "Are You Ready" into a frenetic percussion workout. Each remix is unique and represents the individuality of the talented crew we have on air here at KCRW.”

This is the second installment of the Soundclash series, where KCRW DJs take a turn remixing a favorite, socially conscious artist. Femi Kuti vs KCRW was released in 2009.

KCRW was the first radio station to play Ozomatli’s music, long before they were signed to a label. The station also hosted their live performance debut in 1997 on Morning Becomes Eclectic. They will make their 7th appearance on Morning Becomes Eclectic Thursday, April 22 at 11:15am.

The six-song Ozomatli vs KCRW Soundclash EP, which also includes Ozomatli’s original version of their single “It’s Only Paper” from “Fire Away,” can be heard streaming in its entirety on

Also, the “Love Comes Down” remix from Anthony Valadez is available as a free download on and media outlets are welcome to offer it on their own sites as well. Find all of this and more here:

Like KCRW, Ozomatli is a quintessential Los Angeles cultural institution and, on the verge of the release of their fifth studio album, the band is as essential as they’ve ever been, showcasing one of the most exciting and progressive sounds in Latin music.

Don’t miss their appearance at the Hollywood Bowl when they perform as part of KCRW’s World Festival on Sunday, September 19. Also, Ozomatli have an in-store performance scheduled for their release day at Amoeba Music, Hollywood on April 20, 2010 at 6pm.

Ozomatli vs KCRW Soundclash Tracklisting

1. Love Comes Down (Anne Litt remix)
Produced by Anne Litt and Mark Kilian. Featuring Sonos (vocals), Julio Moreno (percussion), Kim Carroll (charango). Mixed by Casey Stone.

2. 45 (Tom Schnabel remix)
Produced by Jeff Rona

3. Love Comes Down (Anthony Valadez remix)
Produced by A. Valadez. Featuring I, Ced (Keys & Bass), Itai Shapira (Sitar), Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (Strings), Mixed by Itai Shapira.

4. Are You Ready (it'sAByrd's Bundao remix)
Produced by Aaron Byrd for SCS Productions

5. Malagasy Shock (Jason Bentley remix)
Produced by Jason Bentley and Chris "Smitty" Smith. Featuring Tom Holkenborg (bass, guitar)

6. It's Only Paper

Thanks to our sponsor “O.N.E, One Natural Experience” for supplying the recyclable packaging for this EP.

About KCRW: KCRW 89.9FM, licensed to Santa Monica College, is National Public Radio's flagship station for Southern California. The Santa Monica-based nonprofit represents cutting edge radio at its best, presenting an eclectic mix of independent music, news, talk and arts programming. The terrestrial signal serves Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura Counties, as well as parts of San Diego, San Bernardino, Kern, and Santa Barbara Counties and the greater Palm Springs area. KCRW’s programming is internationally renowned and available worldwide via, including three streaming channels, 27 podcasts and archives of our locally-produced programs and live band performances. Hear KCRW music online, all the time, on the ALL music stream Eclectic24.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Coconut Yogurt Recipe

One of our fans sent us this great recipe, using the meat from our young green coconuts.
Enjoy! And thank you, Cynthia!

Coconut yogurt recipe:
- cut off top of young green coconut
- pour coconut water into a glass
- scoop out the meat with a spoon (a plastic flat bottomed spoon from take-out Asian food is perfect).
- put meat in blender with about 1/4 cup coconut water
- blend until smooth
- put into a glass bowl or jar with a lid (pyrex is good)
- mix in 2 capsules or 1/4 teaspoon probiotics
- put lid on and wait 12 hours or overnight
- store in fridge
-add honey, berries, granola or favourite topping

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Coconut Water During Pregnancy

Coconut Water during Pregnancy
Reposted from:

Coconuts are used for performing rituals in the Eastern culture and promote peace and prosperity. It also has therapeutic values. Many people during the summer drink coconut water. It contains a lot of electrolytes. It has lot of chloride, magnesium and potassium and has some amount of sodium, protein and sugar. Potassium regulates blood pressure as well as the functioning of the heart. It is also good source of dietary fiber, calcium and manganese, riboflavin as well as Vitamin C.

How does coconut water help during pregnancy?

•It helps clear up constipation during pregnancy.
•It helps in elevating sluggish digestion.
•It relieves one of heartburn.
•Lauric acid which has anti-fungal properties that protects the body against several infections, which of course boosts the immune system.
•Water is essential during pregnancy. It is very vital for the body. It is essential for the body to function properly.
•Water is also essential for breast milk and for proper lactation.
•Dehydration during pregnancy can cause a lot of complications such as headaches, water retention, cramps, nausea, oedema as well as dizziness. This is more essential in the third trimester when dehydration can result in contractions that cause preterm labor.
•Water relieves one of morning sickness, indigestion as well as heartburn.
•It keeps the body cool and helps in maintaining temperature during hot as well as humid months.
•It helps in preventing urinary infections, which are quite common during pregnancy.
•In case one drinks sufficient water then one’s urine will stay diluted, thus reducing the risk of infection.
•Water also eases constipation, oedema, haemorrhoids and constipation.
•The more water one drinks during pregnancy the less water your body will retain.
•It relieves one of exhaustion.
•One can lead a healthy life by drinking coconut water.
How much water one must drink during pregnancy?

•One must drink about 3 litres that is about 10 to 12 glasses.
•Add an extra glass of water for an hour of exercises.
•Increase about a glass or two during the summer months to compensate for the loss of fluids during the summer.
•Doctors feel that pregnant women must drink one coconut at least everyday.
Coconut water is good for pregnant women. It revitalizes the body and prevents dehydration.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Check out Chris Lieto, with ONE Coconut Water!

Chris Lieto is a Professional Triathlete. This past Sunday, he finished second at the Miami International Triathlon. MIT was held Sunday March 14th, 2010 in Miami, FL.

- Chris Lieto finished 2nd at the Ironman World Championship in Kona Hawaii
- Lieto was honored at Endurance Sports Awards for Competitor of the year, 2009
- 80-plus triathlons
- Reputation as the fastest cyclist in the sport
- 15 huge victories, including three Ironman wins, a U.S. Ironman championship, and three top-10 finishes at the World Championship in Hawaii, highlighted by placing second in 2009
- “When I was starting out, I set a lot of goals—that I was going to be like Mark Allen, the top American, the world champ, and on the cover of Outside—and people laughed,” Lieto recalls. “I took that as a driving force.”

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

O.N.E. Caps 2009 as the Leader in Coconut Water Sales!


O. N. E.™ (One Natural Experience) Caps 2009 as the Leader in Coconut Water Sales
Undisputed Industry Analysis Confirms O.N.E. Also Beats Competitors in Total Brand Year-End Sales

February 3, 2010-Year-end numbers from SPINS™, the trusted leader in providing quantifiable, fact-based sales measurement services, show O.N.E™ Coconut Water ending the year as the #1 selling beverage in the aseptic coconut water category. SPINS’ numbers reflect sales for both natural retailers (super-markets, small-to-mid-size chains and cooperatives) and conventional outlets (food, drug and mass-merchandise) conducted jointly with Nielsen Scantrack ™.

SPINS’ analysis breaks down the market share for the top brands in the coconut water category in four measured time periods: last 52 weeks; last 24 weeks; last 12 weeks and last 4 weeks. O.N.E. Coconut Water is the overall market share leader in all four measured time periods, according to the most recently published SPINS report. Furthermore, while the category grew 93% in the past 52 weeks, O.N.E. exceeded the category growth at 136%.

Rodrigo Veloso, Founder and CEO of O.N.E. Natural Experience, explains the company’s rapid success as the result of building a strong foundation of loyal and enthusiastic customers adding:

“We are proud to announce that O.N.E. has the highest rate of growth of all the three leading brands in the category of aseptic coconut water. We owe our status as the #1 brand in both the coconut water category and overall brand sales to a discerning and savvy clientele. They have responded wholeheartedly to the quality, flavor and integrity of our brand and products, spreading awareness for O.N.E. in a very organic way. They, in fact, are the owners of our brand. We look forward to another year of double digit growth as we enter new markets with our partners at the Pepsi Bottling Group.”

To date, O.N.E is currently available in over 14,000 outlets. O.N.E. recently added 7-Eleven, Cost Plus World Market, Publix, and CVS stores to their roster of retail outlets across the United States. In addition to recently signing the aforementioned national distribution agreement with the Pepsi Bottling Group (PBG), O.N.E finalized an investment deal with PBG and Catterton Partners.

For the second time in a year, O.N.E will also be a co-sponsor of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City (February 11th to February 18th) providing haute-hydration to participants throughout the week. Selected for their purity, taste and commitment to the environment and social responsibility, O.N.E Coconut Water and O.N.E. Water will be distributed at this trend-setting event.

For further information or interviews contact: Jane Berk Public Relations

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Road Trip to the San Fran Winter Fancy Food Show

O.N.E. Director of Sales, John Slee, and O.N.E. Marketing Manager, Lucy Rendler-Kaplan, took the O.N.E. van, and made the drive from L.A. to San Francisco today, to set up for the Winter Fancy Food Show.

We started at 5 a.m. The van takes diesel gas, which is really nice, as we made the entire drive, only using 1/2 of a tank of gas.

This is the back of our van:

We then were on the road. It was a really easy drive, and we made it in less than 5.5 hours.
Here are a few other shots from the drive.

We will be posting more from the Fancy Food Show, tomorrow!
If you are there, please come visit us at Booth 1649.