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Another video entry for our Flip Video Camera contest!

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Win a O.N.E. Flip Video Camera!

Here's the first video entry for our contest!
Remember - the video with the most views by 12.28.09 wins a O.N.E. Flip Video Camera.

We look forward to your entries!

Win a O.N.E. Flip Video Camera!

Here's the first video entry for our contest!
Remember - the video with the most views by 12.28.09 wins a O.N.E. Flip Video Camera.

We look forward to your entries!

Seven Benefits of Coconut Water | World Of Mysteries

Seven Benefits of Coconut Water | World Of Mysteries

The Benefits of Coconut Water

Ever Heard of This Sports Drink From Nature?
Guest Post by Clif Harski…
December 21st, 2009

Back in October, I asked Ben in an email what he thought about coconut water, and where it could fit into your training and nutritional regime. He was polite enough to ask if I wanted to write a guest blog about coconut water and my own experiences with it. So, here is my blog on coconut water, and I’ll start by answering Ben’s usual first question in his interviews:

“So Clif, tell me about yourself and your background.”

My name is Clif Harski, I have a BS in kinesiology, and am an ACE fitness certified personal trainer. I played college basketball, and have been an exercise fanatic since a kid. I’m also a manager at Trader Joe’s here in San Diego (Trader Joe’s is a grocery store with a focus on natural foods). My job at Trader Joe’s and me being a “supplement junkie” has seen me try uncountable numbers of training concoctions and aides.

I actually discovered coconut water on a Saturday morning while my body was reeling from an excessive celebration for a friend’s birthday and I was looking to rehydrate my body. Being a grocery store manager and an avid connoisseur of new and interesting beverages I picked up a cardboard box of cold coconut water, and checked out its nutritional information only to find the following:

After reading that nutritional panel I bought two coconut waters, slugged them down and felt better in minutes. This started my coconut water addiction.

I won’t go into why it’s good to consume some carbohydrates and electrolytes before, during, and after exercise because that has been covered extensively in the podcasts by Ben. However, I will point out that coconut water is superior to conventional sports drinks for the following reasons:

•The sugars are natural. From nature. Not processed and weird. I’m not giving an explanation here for why this is better for you.
•It has 15 times more potassium, and between 1/3 and ½ of the sodium. In general, our (today’s human) has a very negatively skewed potassium and sodium balance in their body, generally sodium being much higher that it should be, and potassium being much lower. Coconut water has more potassium than a banana, and will help to restore the balance in your body. It also has been shown to reduce hypertension. (
•It contains other good stuff!! Calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium.
A very impressive bit of trivia regarding coconut water: during world war 2 and up to today in certain parts of the world, coconut water can be used as an IV for patients when a proper IV is not available. Try hooking up Gatorade to your arm!

A few last things:

1. Be sure to buy pure young coconut water that has no added sugars. That would really defeat the purpose!

2. You can “dress it up” preworkout with a powder such as Delta-E, or intraworkout with some amino acids.

3. It’s a great smoothie base

I notice a distinct improvement in endurance during my training sessions and basketball games when consuming coconut water, and it’s also amazing as a hangover remedy, and would highly encourage you to try it out.


Clif Harski

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Benefits of Coconut Water for Athletes

Benefits of Coconut Water for Athletes
September 08, 2009 by Sabah Karimi

There are dozens of health benefits of coconut water, but this tasty beverage might also be a good replacement for the average sports drink. Athletes can enjoy several benefits of coconut water before, during and after their training session because this sweet beverage contains electrolytes and several important minerals. Here are some of the key benefits of coconut water for athletes:

1. Low in calories. Athletes that need to watch what they eat and count calories don't have to worry about consuming extra sugar in this natural sports drink. Coconut water has fewer calories per serving than orange or apple juice, and reports that it is more nutritious than whole milk.

2. Coconut water contains potassium. Many athletes eat bananas or take potassium supplements to prevent cramping during training, but they can get a healthy dose of potassium just by sipping on coconut water. It's a tasty alternative to bananas or banana smoothies, especially for the athlete who doesn't feel like eating before a game.

3. Coconut water replenishes lost salt after sweating. Instead of reaching for the Gatorade and other sports drinks that contain a lot of sugar, athletes can chug a few glasses of coconut water to restore salt levels after sweating. Coconut water is often given to people who have been vomiting and are severely dehydrated. It's an isotonic beverage that can restore salt levels and keep electrolytes in check.

4. Strengthens the immune system. Athletes need to be in great physical shape through training season, and it's important to ward off diseases and viruses by eating a balanced diet. Coconut water naturally contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and may help to strengthen the immune system.

5. Can be mixed into shakes and drinks. Athletes that consume protein shakes and smoothies regularly can replace the water requirement with coconut water for an enriching, nutrient-rich beverage. Coconut water is a clear liquid extract that blends easily with most protein powder or soy protein mixes, and it can be combined with juice and other flavorful beverages with ease.

6. Readily absorbed by the body. Just like sports gels and sports drink, coconut water is readily absorbed the body so the calories are converted into energy immediately. Athletes that are undergoing intensive training or working up a sweat on the field can drink coconut water at regular intervals to stay hydrated and enjoy an instant energy boost.

Coconut water offers a lot of health benefits and can be a valuable addition to any athletes training regimen. If you work out regularly or are an athlete, consider some of these simple ways to add coconut water to the diet so you can enjoy an energy boost and keep electrolytes in balance.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Coconut Water as a Hangover Cure?

Hello friends,

Apologies for not posting more. We are going to start having blog postings much more regularly, including some surprises and videos!

We'd like to share this blog with you today, written by Lizzi Loraine, who recommends O.N.E. Coconut Water.

Reprinted from:

Coconut water is the liquid found inside young green coconuts and differs from coconut milk. As the coconut matures, this liquid gets absorbed into the nut’s flesh. Coconut water is a popular drink in tropical regions, such as Tropical Asia and Trinidad and Tobago. It is found and sold in Central America on strategic highway stops and beaches. In this region coconut water is called “agua de pipa.”

The various minerals and healthy bacterial present in coconut water enable our body to recover from rigorous exercise, making this drink far superior to other sports drinks. Fresh cocunut water also helps in digestion, optimizes muscle performance, boosts our immune system and blood circulation, besides helping maintain body temperature.

Coconut water: good remedy for dehydration

Dehydration is quite common after you have partied all night or drank too much. Since alcohol is a diuretic, i.e. something that makes you urinate, you need to hydrate your body through the consumption of a lot of fluids. Coconut water is one of the most effective ways of rehydrating the body. Consumption of a large quantity of alcohol in a dehydrated state results in a hangover. The main symptoms of a hangover are headache, nausea and vomiting. And the best remedy is to consume liquids with electrolytes.

Too much alcohol also has a negative impact on several of your body parts. Your kidneys, liver, stomach and small intestines fall prey to the adverse impact of alcohol and result in problems such as electrolyte imbalances, gastrointestinal disturbances, disruption of sleep, among other things. The need to quickly restore the body to optimal hydration is therefore irrefutable.

Coconut water, although a little known cure for hangovers, has several other beneficial properties:

* it is a natural isotonic beverage because of the significant amount of electrolytes it contains

* improves our digestive system

* encourages bowel movement

* helps in prevention of bacterial, viral and fungal infections

* keeps the body cool while maintaining adequate temperature

* aids in healthy functioning of the thyroid

* has a cleansing effect on the whole endocrine system

* clears your complexion

* is even safe for infants

Lizzi Loraine is a writer and writes for health magazines. She suggests O.N.E.™ Coconut Water for hangover cure. It has no additives and has ability to hydrate you body.