Monday, June 29, 2009


(not for the faint at heart)
by Mindy Goldis
June 21, 2009

As I finish this cleanse on the first day of summer, I contemplate what has really propelled me to be able to sustain myself for 3 weeks on only coconut water (from O.N.E.) and stevia water. I realized that whenever I am coming up to my next quarterly cleanse, I write down in my Day Planner when I plan to begin. By doing that, I create a mindset that knows it will happen and when. It doesn't hurt that I'm self-motivated and have tremendous will power. For those who don't, the best thing to do is start slowly and build up to where it becomes easy for you. I started with only a 1 day a week fast 5 years ago and I still do that year round. Sometimes, I am amazed at my energy level and find that I am doing things, you wouldn't expect me to be able to, like moving my stove and fridge so I can clean behind them (and they sure needed it!).

An important point I would like to make, is that coconut water does have natural sugar and as such, it is a good idea to rinse your mouth out with water so as not to allow the sugars to build up in your teeth and gums. You can also have some stevia water (since it isn't sugar and it happens to be anti-bacterial). The coconut water is highly beneficial to keeping your mineral intake up while you are cleansing/fasting, but you do not want to incur any problems with your gums or teeth.

I find that when I come closer to the end of my cleanse and even on the last day, I am not ready to start eating food again. When I do eat, my body has to readjust itself and the shift needs to be slow and easy.
I will post a follow up blog, in a week to share with you my journey back to eating/processing/digesting food.

Some other things I'd like to share with you about fasting. It does not cure disease, rather it allows the body to become 100% efficient at healing itself. Since the body is not overburdened by food, the internal organs have a chance to rest and rehabilitate. The enhancement of the vital internal power, allows the body to flush out toxic poisons and waste that have been stored in the body for years. Fasting has been done since the dawn of time, if you peruse the Bible or any other holy books, prophets have fasted for spiritual enlightenment and a closer connection with the Divine.

I'd like to reiterate and also add some other benefits to fasting/cleansing. You will find that it hones and sharpens your mental faculties. It improves the organs involved in mastication, digestion, assimilation and elimination of food. The liver, which is typically the most abused organ, has a chance to rehabilitate, gain vitality and function more efficiently after you finish your fast. All of the senses become more keen and raised to a higher level both during and after the fast. Your circulation will improve and endurance stamina and strength are increased. The mind becomes more alert and receptive to living a sensible healthy lifestyle and it can be so powerful that it can take control over your body (mind over matter). In doing so, it becomes the master (if you keep with a program that achieves the ultimate health) and you can maintain this for the rest of your life.

Fasting instills personal confidence.
Fasting gives a person a positive mental attitude.
Fasting promotes tranquility of mind and a “glow” of well-being that nothing else can offer.
Fasting renovates, revives and purifies every one of the trillions of cells that make up the body (and every 7 years all your cells are completely re-newed, so imagine what you can achieve, especially in the realm of anti-aging).

Again, I want to thank the O.N.E. company, for their support in giving me the platform to share my experiences with you. I am very happy to have met the O.N.E. family personally and share a passion for their wonderful products (they are wonderful people. too!). I hope you will take the time to try their coconut water, as well as, their other products.

With Love and Gratitude,

Chef Mindy aka Ageless Raw Beautytm

**Please note that this experience is one person's testimony. These statements have not been checked by the FDA, nor do they represent One Natural Experience.
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The Truth About Coconut Water

The Truth About Coconut Water

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Week 2, on our Reader's "Cleansing Journey with ONE Coconut Water"

(not for the faint at heart)
by Mindy Goldis

June 14, 2009

I have now completed the second week of my cleanse. Where did the time go and yet, I feel so comfortable in this mode that food doesn't really matter to me anymore. I feel that I can live on coconut water and stevia water. This is what can happen when you are on a long term fast or cleanse. There are those that may not have the will-power and strength I do to overcome the need to consume food on an every day basis. Don't get me wrong, it isn't that I don't like food, but at this point I feel like I enjoy non-eating more than eating. The thoughts of food are still in my head, as I have even had dreams about food. By the way, I went to Whole Foods Market the other day to purchase 2 large seeded watermelons that I will consume for the initial few days after I complete this cleanse. Honestly, I look forward to that day, which is the 22nd of April.

Now, I would like to discuss with you more about some of the things that I have experienced this week, as my body is continuing in its detoxification mode. Without a doubt, the consumption of coconut water and stevia water, has helped me tremendously to be able to keep going on a day to day basis. I, for one, tend to take it easy when it comes to exercising while doing my cleanse. I do walk every day, but not at the pace I usually do when I am eating (although, if I needed to run across the street to make the light, I could do so without feeling tired or winded). I tend to give my body a complete rest and don't feel troubled by the fact that I am doing this. When the time comes, I will return to my regular, more intense workout regime.

I mentioned in the last post, that people experience various symptoms as the body is purging what it doesn't need. You have to remember the phrase, “garbage in, garbage out.” If you put something in your body, mind, etc. then it has to find its way out, eventually and it isn't always a pretty site (so to speak). This isn't my way to discourage you from ever trying what I have been doing for many years (again, I would say to start doing a 1 day fast for a while and increase in increments that feel comfortable to you), but it is a reality check and makes you think a bit more about the choices you make of what you eat in your daily life. If I don't want to go through all that “suffering,” later on, I will choose wisely when I do eat. I still believe that the body needs to detox/cleanse from the harmful things around us (even if we eat the best foods on the planet and live in the ideal climate, etc) that may not even be physical at all.

Now, getting back to those symptoms, the ones I have experienced this week (and you may, as well) were excessive ear wax, unpleasant underarm odor, achy/sore joints, feeling sluggish/lethargic/low energy/tired, little/no elimination (not to worry, as the body knows what it needs to due and as it continues to heal other areas, this function will return – and I do not feel like I am bloated or constipated in any way), low body heat/feel cold and need more sleep. I don't look at any of these as negatives and instead I stick with the program and accept them without attaching any feelings and then it makes it easier to continue. All I know, is that these will go away soon, as my body/mind continue to do their necessary “housecleaning” and then will be eliminated forever. That is a wonderful thing!

On the flip side, I see quite a few positive things that have occurred for me during these 2 weeks. I find that my mind is sharper and my thoughts are clearer, as I am not needing to put energy into digesting and assimilating food. I also have the time for more internal contemplation and thereby have be able to come up with some wonderful new ideas for projects I will be working on in the near future. I have saved time by not needed to go shopping, bring home the food and then prepare it. Given our economic times (which I don't let get to me in any way, shape or form) I have saved quite a bit of money, too. One of the biggest “pluses” for me, is giving my body the time it needs to heal. When you are constantly processing and using energy to digest food, the body doesn't have as much time to truly get well. I like the fact that I get to sleep more and even take naps or rest if and when I need to. Another wonderful health bonus is that there is no food to process and you are restricting calories, thereby increasing your longevity. This is true, because you are not “using up” energy to process food or doing intense exercise that also requires energy. What this does, is make your body more efficient and your heart rate slows and your blood pressure goes down, as well. I also love the fact that I have time to “purge” my stuff, both inside my body and also the things in my home that I don't need. I always feel lighter knowing that I can get rid of items I have been holding onto that don't serve any purpose for me anymore. A few other physical benefits are loss of toxic weight, clearer skin and a more youthful appearance.

All in all, I would have to say, that I am very satisfied with my results so far in the 2 weeks I have been cleansing. Thank you to O.N.E. Coconut Water for their great product that has sustained me thus far and for allowing me to share with you my experiences.

The final installment of the journey will be next week and I would also like to follow-up/share with my transition back into eating with watermelon and other foods.

Until next week.....

With Love and Gratitude,

Chef Mindy aka Ageless Raw Beautytm

We welcome any reader suggestions/comments on your own fasts/cleanses!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

O.N.E. Reader's Cleansing Journey with O.N.E. Coconut Water

(not for the faint at heart)
by Mindy Goldis

June 7, 2009

I began my 21 cleanse 7 days ago and this time I am doing it on coconut water and filtered water, too. I am using O.N.E. coconut
water, exclusively. I probably need to back track, so you know my history. I have been doing fasts/cleanses since 2004 and have experimented with many different ones, from apple cider vinegar and distilled water, to the master cleanser, to the modified master cleanser that I have created and also my own cleanse with filtered water for the first week, water with stevia added on the 2nd week and finally the 3rd week, I would add coconut water. I have done from 10 – 28 days, but i don't recommend anyone do this so quickly. One day a week on a water fast or coconut water, is good to give you digestive system a break, so your body can truly heal.

I learned more about doing a coconut water cleanse from a book that was given to me by Rodrigo, the owner of O.N.E. It is a great read and I highly recommend it to any and all who want to know more about the amazing benefits of coconut water. It is called, “Coconut Water for health and healing,” by Dr. Bruce Fife. The information on a coconut water detox is in chapter 8, starting on page 155, with the actual information for how to do the fast, starting on the bottom of page 164.

Now, I would like to share with you my experiences for the 1st week of my cleanse and subsequently, I will fill you in at the end of the 2nd and 3rd weeks. For most people, when then start a long term fast/cleanse, the first few days are the hardest to get over the hunger pangs and some of the detox effects, such as headache, nausea, etc. I did not have that this time, at all. Actually, the first day, I did a dry fast with nothing at all (again, don't try this on your own, if you have never done any fasting before) and then on the second day, I starting to drink coconut water and filtered water with stevia (which as a naturally sweet leaf that doesn't affect your blood sugar levels, but adds vitamins and minerals to the water). I have had about 5 and 1/2 cups of coconut water a day and also, as much water as I have needed, which I would say is about an additional 6-7 cups. For the most part I have felt fine, as I am getting minerals from the coconut water and the stevia (the best source for this is organic green powder available from or whole leaf concentrate liquid from

There have been occasions during the last 7 days where I felt a bit sluggish and low in energy (that is because my body is cleansing), so I have taken the time to rest and/or had some more coconut and/or stevia water to drink. The most important thing when you are on a cleanse, is to listen to your body. Since I have had many years of experience with cleansing and fasting, I know what to do and I can also be available to others who are interested in pursuing this, as a means to help their body to heal itself. You can send me an email: and I will be happy to consult with you and also can be available to spend the time with you, if you need the personal attention to be able to “stick with” a program.

I look forward to posting again in 1 week, to give you more insight into my 21 day cleansing journey. I continue to persevere in my life long goals of finding the ultimate way of pristine health and ultimately happiness. I am proud to have discovered such a great company in O.N.E. and I hope you will take the time to try their coconut water and other products.

With Luv and Gratitude

Chef Mindy aka Ageless Raw Beauty

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jason Mraz, on O.N.E. Coconut Water


For the past six months or so, we have been excited enough to provide One Natural Experience beverages on tour with Jason Mraz. We have followed him all the way from Southern California to Tokyo to Germany and now back to CA, before another European Tour, and a US Tour.

Jason surprised us the other day with this great testimonial and some great shots of him and Bushwalla on the road.



If you’ve ever tried to open a coconut by yourself on the beach, you’ll understand it’s no easy task. But the sweet reward inside is worth every nail breaking hour of effort. ONE Coconut Water is the real thing. A sweet and uplifting all-natural gift that is Coconut water, without the need for a machete.

---Jason Mraz