Wednesday, June 23, 2010

O.N.E. is now carried at Vitamin Shoppe!

I had to tell you that I took my daughter to the Vitamin Shoppe last night and while we were there she wanted something to drink. The only thing I could find that she could have besides water was coconut water (ONE to be exact). She literally chugged the entire thing and asked me to buy her some more to take to school. There were only 2 left and so I bought them and then on the way home she proceeded to ask if she could have another one at home.
Apparently they have a good thing there if a 6 year old is that interested in it! I am probably going to go back and get a case since it is SO much healthier than juice.


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the whimsical butterfly said...

Hi there, following you on Twitter and sent a few pics but not sure if you received them? My Twitter ID is yeahshestamps. I LOVE ONE Coconut Water and have had WONDERFUL results with it since I was told I was potassium and Vit D deficient. Summer days spent out w/ One and some sun is JUST what I needed as my last results were normal-the potassium can't be found anywhere else! LOVE the taste too-I get it at my local Kroger but cannot WAIT for Trader Joes in my area to have it! Fingers crossed! Thanks,

Jessica :)