Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Check out Chris Lieto, with ONE Coconut Water!

Chris Lieto is a Professional Triathlete. This past Sunday, he finished second at the Miami International Triathlon. MIT was held Sunday March 14th, 2010 in Miami, FL.

- Chris Lieto finished 2nd at the Ironman World Championship in Kona Hawaii
- Lieto was honored at Endurance Sports Awards for Competitor of the year, 2009
- 80-plus triathlons
- Reputation as the fastest cyclist in the sport
- 15 huge victories, including three Ironman wins, a U.S. Ironman championship, and three top-10 finishes at the World Championship in Hawaii, highlighted by placing second in 2009
- “When I was starting out, I set a lot of goals—that I was going to be like Mark Allen, the top American, the world champ, and on the cover of Outside—and people laughed,” Lieto recalls. “I took that as a driving force.”

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