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O.N.E., One Natural Experience, Makes Waves in the Coconut Water Movement

O.N.E., One Natural Experience, Makes Waves in the Coconut Water Movement
11.01.10, 02:58 AM EDT

A leading producer of premium coconut water, O.N.E. Drinks announces yet another wave of innovations and additions to its unique product line and its powerful team.

Coincidentally timed with the birth of O.N.E. Founder and CEO Rodrigo Veloso's first child, O.N.E. is pleased to introduce O.N.E. Kids -- a blend of coconut water and fruit juice -- which provides parents with a delicious, low sugar beverage, with the added benefit of healthy hydration from coconut water. O.N.E. Kids is O.N.E. step in the right direction for parents who want to take easy actions to enhancing their children's diets. "From our inception, providing healthy options for people of all ages has been one of our driving motivations," commented Rodrigo at the announcement. "With O.N.E. Coconut Water and O.N.E. Active we reach many people. Now, we are excited to provide this new offering especially for children, who can benefit tremendously from a lower sugar alternative and from the hydrating effects of coconut water." O.N.E. Kids will be available in Natural Product stores and Supermarkets nationwide, beginning to roll out in October.

O.N.E. is also very pleased to announce that it has entered into a license agreement with Jamba Juice Company to launch a line of ready-to-drink coconut water fruit juice blends. "We are delighted to partner with O.N.E. to develop such a unique line of great-tasting, high-quality, better-for-you beverages that delivers on health and wellness trends," said James D. White, chairman, president, and CEO of Jamba Juice Company. "Coconut water, and the healthy and natural isotonic benefits it embodies, is a perfect fit for an active lifestyle brand such as Jamba. O.N.E. is a pioneer in the category and shares our values and passion for actively engaging consumers to eat well and live healthy lives."

Adding to the energy and excitement, O.N.E is happy to announce that entertainment industry icon Tommy Mottola, former Chairman of Sony Music, has joined the O.N.E. Board of Directors. "Tommy understands what it takes to realize the full potential of an opportunity, and how to engage thought leaders and opinion makers in the process," observes Rodrigo. "He brings incredible enthusiasm, creativity, and experience to our board, and is deeply committed to playing an active role in the development of our business."

Mr. Mottola transformed Sony into one of the world's most successful music companies, extending its businesses to over 60 countries. Additionally, he revitalized Sony Music's publishing division by making unprecedented acquisitions like the Beatles Catalogue and spearheading Sony's endeavor as the first major music company to make available commercial digital downloads. During his 15 year tenure as Chairman of Sony Music, Mottola built up their revenues from $800 million to almost $7 billion annually.

Acknowledging the company's remarkable growth, Mottola said, "O.N.E. has an opportunity to become a household name and the leading brand in this category as it develops and markets beverages that serve customers' growing desire for healthier beverages without compromising taste."

"We are pleased to see O.N.E. develop such a broad and innovative line of products -- from 100% Pure Coconut Water to O.N.E. Kids to fun and flavorful O.N.E. Splash, to O.N.E. Active Sports Drink to JAMBA Coconut Water Fruit Juice Blends -- that we can bring to the market via our system," commented Massimo D'Amore, CEO, PepsiCo Beverages Americas. "We are very excited about our relationship with O.N.E. and we expect distribution and sales of the entire O.N.E. line to increase dramatically in 2011."

Adding to the enthusiastic response to the O.N.E. announcements, Michael Farello of Catterton Partners, O.N.E.'s private equity partner, added, "Under Rodrigo's leadership, O.N.E. has successfully expanded the company's product line to reach a broader market of consumers while maintaining the integrity of the brand and the quality of the product."

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