Thursday, December 11, 2008

One Coconut Water - recommended by Brendan Brazier

O.N.E.: coconut water, Thrive Diet approved product!

O.N.E. is 100 percent natural coconut water with no preservatives. It’s naturally filtered for nine months through the fibers of the coconut, creating a pure isotonic beverage—a convenient and practical alternative to hacking open fresh young coconuts with a machete. O.N.E coconut water is bottled at the source in Brazil; therefore, the rest of the coconut doesn’t need to be transported, which saves energy. In addition, most whole young coconuts transported to North America are dipped in formaldehyde as a preservative. In many cases, traces of formaldehyde are detectable in the water and meat, so O.N.E is a healthier alternative. I use O.N.E. as the base of my sport drinks and in several other recipes. Available in most heath food stores and some grocery stores.

Tel: 1-888-663-2626

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