Tuesday, December 23, 2008

O.N.E. Amazon Acai

Açaí Is Nature's Top Superfood Based On Antioxidants
Author: Haley 22


The Amazon which is called the earth's lungs shelters many species of living things. Its large green mushroom-like canopy produces air that the rest of the world breathes. A tiny berry fruit known as Açaí that comes from palm trees in the Amazon river banks distinguishes itself from several wild fruits. Acai berry has become a fast-growing herbal therapy in the world. It's acai's rich concentration of anti-oxidants, among all the nutrients and vitamins it contains, that makes it a wonder medicine and super food too. Dr. Nicholas Perricone, being a world specialist on anti-aging matter, touted acai as "super food." This added to its rising popularity outside the US and South America.

This anti-oxidant concentration is what makes Acai juice strike out all toxins from your body. Through being an aid in metabolism and digestion, acai purifies your system. Anti-oxidants are known to be free radicals or radical cells' nemesis. You get these free radicals from the air, from stress, and they even get to you from food. WrinkIed skin, back pains, black spots, and other signs of aging can be brought on by these radical cells. Cancer can be a result of too many radical cells in the body. Acai berry contains a huge amount of anthocyanin which is good but other than that it contains flavonoid-like compounds that help to fight against radical cells. That's why acai floored a lot of fruits when tested for anti-oxidants and potency. Compared to mulberry, noni, guava, pineapple, cupuaco, and even mangosteen, its scores were better.

The anti-oxidants in Açaí travel fast in our bloodstreams; thus, it's able to get through radical cells' plasma and membrane within 120 minutes after drinking it. Using it is not the same as waiting for 14 months to pass when you want to strike out dark skin blemishes by using night cream or when you use Botox to tighten your wrinkled face.

However, being a super food doesn't only mean having mighty anti-oxidants. Acai earned the prefix "super" since it contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins that only tons of food sources can provide. Well, you see, if you needed to keep your blood cholesterol down, you go for fish since it has the healthy fats Omega 3, 6, and 9. As years gone by and you're more feeble to fight off diseases, you boost your immune system as you increase your vitamin C content by eating a lot of oranges and other citrus fruits. With acai berry, it only requires a healthy acai food supplement or an acai health juice and it's the same as you gained all of them.

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