Thursday, October 4, 2007


When you are young and full of life, the world belongs to you. If you are the health conscious type healthy energy drinks should be of interest to you. After all there is nothing like bursting with energy all the time. It keeps you ahead in life always and every time.
What is a healthy energy drink? A fluid which contains energy giving edible substances and capable of physical and to a certain extent a feeling of mental euphoria for a limited period is called a healthy energy drink. These healthy energy drinks contain carbohydrates, mineral additives in the form of essential electrolytes along with caffeine and amino acids in the form of ginseng or taurine. A healthy energy drink is an ideal refreshment supplement when you are feeling tired and must not stop because your goal posts are within striking distance. So enjoy a healthy energy drink and quickly rejuvenate yourself for the tasks ahead.
A healthy energy drink are available as prepared fluids or in a powder form so that you they may be carried as per convenience. They are marketed in different flavors to suit all tastes. Bottled and packed in tetra packs in a variety of volumetric sizes they should be on your must have list. Didn’t someone say that we must strive to be healthy, wealthy and wise?
Some of us think that healthy energy drinks can be enjoyed better with alcohol. Nothing can be further from truth because healthy energy drinks mixed with alcoholic drinks make a deadly concoction. Healthy energy drinks consumed along with liquor cause electrolyte imbalances and nausea accompanied with vomiting. But this shouldn’t ring alarm bells because the National Health Products Regulations ensure that all healthy energy drinks carry a suitable cautionary warning on this aspect.
If keeping good health is your fad, let me tell you that some healthy energy drinks available in the market have zero calories. These contain a basket of minerals and vitamins that reactivate the cellular rejuvenation of your body. So you feel alert and ready to go! There is no fat or cholesterol adding sugar in this drink and they keep you looking slim and smart. So this healthy energy drink is nowadays the preferred replacement of coffee or your mid day beverage. What is more the healthy energy drink restores the minerals you lose as you strain every nerve to stay ahead in life and keeps you feeling refreshed all day long. In fact it leaves everyone wondering how you ever stay that way.
So switch to healthy energy drinks and experience the difference. You must have one to get that on top of the world feeling. The healthy energy drink is designed to keep you ahead in life. It replaces all the essentials you lose as you work your back off and keeps you fighting fit for another round. Of course they do not replace regular meals but they supplement those energy biscuits you have as you rush to work!

With no fat, sugars, added colors O.N.E.™ energy drinks are good alternative to sports drink.

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